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From the vineyards of the lower Valtellina, to the 3/4000 of the Bernina and the Ortles, up to the uncontaminated nature of the Stelvio Park.

The turquoise waters of the artificial lake of Campo Moro, in the Alta Valmalenco. The color is given by the melting waters of the Fellaria glaciers, upstream of the reservoir. In the autumn months, usually in the last two weeks of October, the larches turn red, the only needle-like tree to do so, while the fir trees remain green, creating spectacular color patterns.

Valtellina extends for 100km from Lake Como to Bormio. A straight furrow, whose valley floor lies very flat at the same altitude as the Po Valley, of which it constitutes a strange continuation. The only difference: to the north and south of it, deep and impervious valleys open up, which go back up to 3000 meters of Orobie (to the south), and to 4000 (or almost) of Bernina and Ortles (to the north).

The valleys south of Valtellina are straight and narrow furrows, impervious in nature, and little known - with the exception perhaps of Val Gerola, dotted with lakes and artificial reservoirs, and famous for its cheese.

To the north of Valtellina, however, legendary valleys open up, such as Val Masino, a small granite paradise reminiscent of Yosemite, in the shadow of Cengalo and Badile, and Valmalenco, full of excursions, glaciers, lakes, and historical shelters.

And finally, continuing beyond Tirano and going up to Bormio, you enter a fantastic valley basin with a dolomitic atmosphere, surrounded by the severe bastions of the Cristallo group. Entering the Stelvio National Park you can breathe a magical aura of uncontaminated nature and silence, between gray and severe peaks and Canadian-looking lakes. But you can also breathe an air of war, walking through the trenches and tunnels dug on the peaks of the Stelvio during the First World War.

An elevated provincial road, inaugurated in 2018, extends the SS36 of Lake Como to Ardenno, cutting off Morbegno and greatly improving the valley's traffic.




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