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From Val Formazza, to Monte Rosa, to the Maritime Alps, Piedmont is surrounded by the Alps on 3 sides. There is a lot to discover.

The Piedmontese Alpine territory stands out for its diversity of landscapes and richness of flora and fauna, making this region an ideal place to deepen your knowledge of the Italian Alps and experiment with different nature routes.

Hikes in the Piedmont Alps can vary greatly in terms of difficulty and duration, allowing hikers of all levels to enjoy an experience suited to their abilities. Routes such as the Tour of Monte Rosa or the Sentiero Italia cross imposing peaks, glaciers and remote valleys, offering technical and physical challenges to expert hikers, while more accessible and shorter itineraries allow you to admire suggestive panoramas without facing excessive difficulties.

Piedmont is also a region that bears witness to the coexistence between man and the mountains over the centuries. The Alpine villages, castles, churches and fortifications located along the paths offer an insight into local history and culture, allowing hikers to reflect on the interaction between the natural environment and human activities over time.

One of the interesting aspects of hiking in Piedmont is the possibility of observing climate changes and their consequences on the Alpine territory. The evolution of glaciers, the adaptation of vegetation to new climatic conditions and water resource management strategies represent topics of great relevance for understanding ongoing environmental dynamics and for identifying sustainable solutions.




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