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Alpine refuges and huts have something unique — high-altitude hotels lost in the middle of nature. Stay for the sunset and for the night to get the full experience.

Perhaps one of the most famous mountain huts in Lombardy: Rifugio Gianetti in Val Masino, which almost blends in with the surrounding granite slabs.

Alpine refuges have something unique. Try to explain the concept to those who have never been to the mountains: slightly rough hotels? Hostels for hikers? Official polenta and wine retailers?

Little patches of humanity in the middle of uninhabited valleys and remote plateaus, alpine refuges provide refreshment during the day and shelter at night for multi-day excursions.

Most refuges in the Alps open around June 5th and close at the end of September. Some of the more accessible refuges are open on weekends all year round, but it's always best to check.

Although stuck in tradition, many refuges are undergoing transformations. Some new refuges, curated by architects, offer unusual structures. Others are "rejuvenating" themselves with outdoor gazebos and deck chairs.




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