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A walk among the most picturesque mountain villages and mountain pastures of the Alps, to discover the Alpine life of the past.

A remote and little-known place, this is Alpe Lendine, a mountain pasture looking like a full-scale nativity scene. Also ideal for snowshoeing, especially after a heavy snowfall.

The hiking trails in this section touch one or more mountain pastures - small high-altitude villages, in very close contact with nature and the surrounding mountains.

The mountain pastures were originally built as a high-mountain refuge for farmers and mountain shepherds during the summer months, and then descended back to the valley in the winter months. They were therefore often extremely humble homes. It is therefore with a certain irony that today we see dozens and dozens of these mountain pastures being first abandoned, and then renovated and revitalized as small remote boutique holiday homes.

Fortunately, in most cases, municipal regulations impose strict rules on the methods of renovation (for example, on the use of materials for walls and roofs, and on the size of windows and doors), ensuring that these villages maintain their original atmosphere.




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