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A selection of iconic peaks in the Alps, for those who have a fetish for reaching the top.

Characterized by a lunar atmosphere, this is the summit pyramid of Piz Lunghin in Engadine, Switzerland, just above the Maloja Pass. A summit as easy as it is spectacular, offering a unique view of Lake Lej and the white peaks of the Bernina group.

If the charm of a mountain hut lies in finding comfort in the warmth and chatter of a home amidst otherwise untouched and potentially hostile nature, the allure of a summit is that of conquest, of reaching a peak. It's the satisfaction of having reached the highest point, knowing that we couldn't have done more. It's no wonder, then, that so many summits are "adorned" with crosses, obelisks, or statues, signaling their symbolic importance. And while these symbols may begin to seem too religious and branded for a secular and natural place like a mountain peak, these Christian symbols have become the very symbol of the summit, and we'd almost miss them if they were absent.

Religious discussions aside, the hikes in this section are an ode to the (more or less sharp) peaks of the Alps, to their crosses, and to the incredible views they offer.

It's best to dedicate clear and crisp days to these hikes, with low humidity and swept by the cold winds from the north, to fully enjoy good visibility and to be able to admire peaks tens or hundreds of kilometers away.




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