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In autumn, the colors of the foliage and the clarity of the days blend together, giving an unparalleled experience.

Autumn is an extraordinary time for hiking, thanks to the incredible colors of the foliage that paint the landscapes in warm and welcoming shades. Here is a selection of excursions designed to immerse you in the magic of autumn.

The foliage initially appears at high altitudes and on the northern, colder sides of mountains (larch forests between 1500 and 2000 metres) in the last two weeks of October, and then descends to lower altitudes (deciduous trees between 1000 and 1500 metres) during November. After days of rain, it is possible to admire the mountain peaks sprinkled with snow, creating a spectacular contrast with the warmth of the autumn colours.

During autumn, the Alps offer a high frequency of clear days, with clear skies thanks to northerly winds that sweep away the clouds. The excursions in this section have been selected to offer you the best routes to see autumn at its best.




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